This Old House and the Beach

Sage and I have been keeping ourselves very busy as of late. Along with working our respective nursing schedules, we have bought a house and are doing some updating.

Sage disposing of old countertops in our new house.

This is all very hard work. As Sage would say, “I have a new appreciation for construction people.” Truer words have n’er been spoken.
We had taken off around 2 weeks in the month of May. The original plan was to use this time to go on another epic adventure to some far away place. The reality was that we had just invested in a new house that desperately needed updating. So we did the adult thing and spent most of that time off of work plugging away at the new house.
About halfway through those two weeks, we needed a break. Just needed to get out of dodge for a few days. What better 3 day trip can there be than one to the beach?
So off to the beach we went.

Sage admiring the beach from our balcony

For the next few days, we lounged about in Orange Beach, Alabama. (We prefer the smaller Alabama side of the gulf beaches to the Florida side.) Soaking up the rays, and taking a much needed break from our jaunt in home ownership.

Sage looking beachy keen on the beach

An unsuspecting Sage is caught reading a book on the beach.

Sage loves the beach. You can just see it in her face. I was glad to just be out of our normal surroundings. Two days of beach time is just about enough for us to get our fill. Not a whole lot to do in these beach towns than to lay out on the beach, visit a few kitchy souvenir shops, and play some mini golf. There is no end to water-sport activities but for such a short stay can be cost prohibitive. Also, there is always the occasional over-ambitious swimmer or amateur sailor that will provide a bit of entertainment in needing to be rescued by the beach patrol and/or fire dept.

We returned home and began again the rewarding and frustrating task of working on our house.
There was a very happy little bully who was glad that we had returned home. Who immediately resumed the business of napping and snuggling with his toy fox. Love that little fella.

He was so excited when we picked him up from his grandparents house.

Back to the very important business of napping and snuggling with his toy fox.

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