It’s Good to Be Done

Today marks the one month anniversary of moving into our freshly renovated house.

For some reason we decided that December would be the perfect time to move into our almost finished house. I’d say it’s about 95% finished. There are a few spots that still need trim and shoe moulding. To get to this 95% we rushed around for the latter part of November and most of our off days (and some days when we were working after work) in December and moved into our new house on December 26, 2018.
We both worked Christmas Eve Eve, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. These were 16-18 hour days for me. The last thing to be finished was the floors. I had to space out the coats at least 6 hours apart.
Shout out to our friends Anthony and Rachel taking the time out of their busy schedules to get everything all moved into the new Johnson abode. If it wasn’t for them, I doubt we would’ve gotten everything moved in time.
Sage might not think so, but I believe that we have a penchant for working under pressure.

I certainly get the lead out when the pressure is on. With the major housing project out of the way, I was able to focus all of my efforts on schoolwork. Unlike Sage who graduated nursing school with a BSN, I completed an ADN to get my nursing license. Even though there is no real difference between an associate nurse and a bachelor’s degree nurse, there are many facilities and hospitals which now require a BSN to be considered for hire. I had enrolled in Western Governor’s University for their BSN program and started in February 2018. Normally, I would’ve had a singular focus and may have been done by now. However, I had many different projects dividing my attention. One such project was the completion of our house. Now that the house was in the rear view mirror, Sage told me in no uncertain terms that I had January to finish my degree. No dilly-dallying would be allowed. This action spurred the first Johnson Congressional Convention. At these formal accords, we both sat down and made certain concessions and agreements. This is where the Lead-in-Bottom Reduction and Anti-Fuss Act (LBRAA) of 2019 was born. Because of this new piece of Johnsonian legislation, I was able to batton down the hatches of my focus and finish my BSN program.
I officially graduated with my BSN on 1/22/2019. A day later, my mentor called me to tell me that I had received an “Excellence in Writing” award for my research piece on sepsis identification in trauma patients.
God is good. You want to know how I know? Because we are blessed. Do you want to know how we are blessed? There are so many things we have been blessed with, but I think the biggest answer to prayer is that Chevy is now an inside dog. Not only that, but Chevy and Digby (once sworn enemies) are now the best of friends. This may seem silly to some folks, but those who have faced similar situations know it’s a big deal.

Peaceful snugs
Who’da thought?

It’s almost traveling time. So stay tuned for updates! I plan on releasing a good before and after post of the house. I just have to clean the house until Sage says it’s clean before I take pictures. This is because “We have different standards of clean” per Sage.

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