Coffee without manners

I am starting to think that a NYC Starbucks is where people go to drop the facade of having any manners at all. The gentleman behind me in taking up two tables and two chairs. He is by himself, with note pads, a small laptop, bags, and clothing. He has his bag and coat on one chair, note books on one table, and he is sitting with the laptop at the other table. Yesterday the woman in line in front of me was very rude to the baristas. There were 3 customers in front on this woman yet she felt the need to wave her money around.

“Can I get a cup of coffee please “the rude woman stated 

“I’ll be right with you “the barista stated 

a minute passed “please can I just get a cup of coffee please “  

“Lady we are all working here, I’ll be right with you, these people have already paid for this food, if I don’t get it will burn. I WILL be right with you” 

Now let me be clear it wasn’t as if this woman was waving three dollars trying to just quickly get a black to go. She needed change! She was waving a 20$ bill around. I’m not sure what made he think that she could be serve before the 3 people in front of her. When I got to the register to order my coffee, I looked the barista in the eye and said “What a rude witch!”. The barista really enjoyed that, and we exchanged names.  

I really enjoy getting to people watch as I drink my coffee. It immerses you into the world of the Upper West Side. I saw one man wearing a kilt outfit, police officers in there dress blues, and a Jeep that looked like it was form The Walking Dead. The Jeep was complete with rugged tires, a shovel, axe, gas container, and a cage. Maybe they are just ready for NYC traffic? There is a man outside picking up cigarette buts with chops sticks. Although I am the slightest bit concerned with what he intends to do with them, I’m glad he is doing it. Everyone smokes here! I googled NYC smoking statistics and it said that 13.4 % of residents smoke. That doesn’t seem like a big number but that’s equal to 886,000 adults. This number does not include the percentage of adolescents that smoke. Another google search revealed that New York City has the most expensive cigarettes in the nation. The base price of cigarettes is 13$.

New York City is ranked the second most expensive place to rent an apartment in the country, with San Francisco being the first. The average rental price in the Upper West Side is 4,200. Even though minimum wage is 15$ here I’m not sure how any resident affords to smoke, pay rent, or even buy a pair of air pods. Everyone has air pods! The apple product cost 159$. I would never pay that much for a pair of ear phones! 

I am finally figuring out the radiator schedule. It seems it goes on over drive at 9AM and 9PM. So, at 9 PM we open the windows and leave them open as we sleep. When don leaves for work at 6AM, I am freezing, so I close the window. Then at 9AM I am sweating and open the window. The window tango ends around 10:30AM and we are able to leave it closed until 9PM and then we start the process over again.  

I miss the Memphis water. That could be what i miss the most so far. The water in our building is cloudy. The US water website assures me that the cloudy water is just from tiny bubbles entering the water due to the high pressure needed for distribution. After the water sits for a minute or so it becomes clear again. I know its safe to drink i just do not have the courage yet! Speaking of water, i need to get a bottle of water before i head home.

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