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I guess I need to do some catching up, my last post was May 1st , I just haven’t been super inspired to write anything. I’m told it be like that some times. May has come with a plethora of up’s and downs for me. We are getting to that point in our adventure that we have crossed a lot of “Must- Do’s” off our list for NYC and now we need day to day activities to do, like we would at home. The problem is we don’t exactly know what our day to day activities are. In the first few days of May Dons mom, Penny, got to visit us and stayed with us in our tiny little shoebox. We showed her our daily life task here, and a few fun things like Governors island. I worked most of the days that she was here, which in retrospect was probably a good thing. Don and Penny have such a close relationship and I know they have really missed each other.  

That next week we went to world famous smorgasbord, and honestly, I wasn’t impressed with the market as a whole. It’s held several places in NYC but we went to the one is Brooklyn by the East River. There were maybe 30 food tents with a variety of food options. There is no cover to go, but you make up for that in what you pay for actual food. I tried a donut made of spaghetti, a cupcake made of pizza, a pancake called a fluffy, and I also tried some really bad prosecco. The food is super expensive and while it is unique, it’s not necessarily good. I enjoyed being out in the sun and spending time with Don and his coworker, but all in all, I would not go again.  

On another day in May I had just been in a really weird mood all day and was “soo over New York”. Our tiny apartment was really getting to me especially since we were rounding up on month three. Also, nothing is easy in New York, like grocery shopping, laundry, and getting to work. I’m not sure but I was just being dramatic all day. So, I decided to take myself to dinner. I took myself a few blocks down to 84th and Columbus, the weather was amazing so I sat myself outside. I intended to only go for a relaxing glass of wine but ended up getting two glasses, a small appetizer, and a taste of desert. Don was at work so I spent about two hours on the patio at the Italian place. it gave me time to reflect on my sour attitude that day, and to really get to the root of the issue. I think it all boiled down to the fact that I was getting restless and ready for the next adventure. I went home with a fresh attitude so don and I shared some laughs on the couch before bed.  

Later on, in May my friend Lua and I had gotten a wild hair, so we talked the husband into “going out!” … they hesitantly obliged. We went to a super bougie rooftop bar called St. Cloud, off of Times Square. When we picked the place, we had not realized that is was in the heart on Times Square. By in Times Square I mean the roof top we were on was directly across from the obnoxious New Year’s ball they drop. If you’re a local you must avoid Times Square at all cost, it’s the worst place you can be! The restaurant bar was beautiful, even though it was a little chilly with the heat lamp on high.  We stayed there for a couple hours before heading out to out next adventure. We tried to some other “hip place” but they wanted 200 cover charge, so we promptly walked away. We ended up at a club type Mexican restaurant with amazing guacamole and music so loud that you can’t converse. We ate our food, downed our drink, and headed home at midnight. I think Lua and I realized that we might just be too old, and that it was intact bed time.  

Taken with NightCap

Since I was working when penny was in town, I did not get to go to Governors island so Don took me. It’s a big island with an old fort that has been turned into recreational areas and also has a school. We rented Citi Bikes and rode around the island. It is not very big, so seeing it all didn’t take long. Govenor’s Island was another gorgeous day, but I had to use a Porta Potty, so enough said. We had early dinner reservations with our friends Dan and Lua, I was going to finally be trying Thai Food.   

My favorite day so far this month was with a big group of friends in Central Park. I really owe all the credit to Don. He and his co-worker thought of the idea. Don named it Prosecco, pups, and picnic in the park. So, like the name states we grabbed Prosecco, our pups, and grabbed all the fixings needed for a day in the park. It was such an amazing day and everyone had a great time. We meet about 1pm and ended up all parting ways around 7. We played music, sipped on some wine, threw the ball around, enjoyed the pups, and had great conversation. It was one of those days where at the end of it you are already planning another one.  

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