NYC Guide: The Locals Advice

NYC Guide: The Locals Advice

My husband and I, along with our two fur babies, had the opportunity to live in New York City thanks to our jobs as nurses.

Living in NYC over 4 and a half months makes you a pro, right!!?

While I cant promise to navigate you anywhere, because lets be honest i still end up in Brooklyn sometimes, I can promise to share with you what I do know:



New Yorkers are NOT rude,  they’re just trying to catch a train, bus, cab, Uber. 

You will pay more for everything here: rent, groceries, laundry, pets, salon, coffee … you want it, I can guarantee that it cost more

There are always Local trains and Express trains, pay ATTENTION or you will end up in Brooklyn or Harlem like me.

If you get an empty subway car, get off, the air conditioner probably doesn’t work 

I can’t stress this enough, DON’T stop just keep walking. I cannot tell you how many people just stop right in front of you and you spill your $6 dollar coffee all over the back of some stranger. 

Make friends with your local barista. My barista was my first friend in NYC and let me tell you I have never had to wait long for my coffee even during a big rush. Also on the occasion I drop my coffee , they have always remade it for free. I really do love my barista, we get to be sassy together for a short time every morning. 

Find a good laundry mat close by. We are on the UWS so all the laundry is drop off, but they are fast and usually get our laundry done same day/ early next morning. 

Where to get Groceries 

let me start with I don’t recommend Gristedes , Citronella, or The Fairway Market. For most of our items we went once a month to Costco, especially for things like meat we could freeze. I also fell in love with Trader Joes, its new to me because we didn’t have one at home yet. 

There are also a ton of Whole Foods. One thing we wish we would have discovered earlier was Jet. Its an online delivery service that often has great deals and usually can get your groceries to you the next day! 

Where to go Shopping 

There are the famous shops like Tiffanys and Chanel along 5th ave on the Upper East Side but if your like me, a regular person , those places are a little our of your budget,. I suggest, DUH, target in Harlem because its the biggest Target in NYC. 

I Also love the shops at Columbus Circle for places like Lululemon and H&M. The Oculus , by The World Trade , is a great place to get a snack, shop, and scroll though the newest iPhones at the Mac store.. They have other shops like Kate Spade, UGG, and Casper. For more upscale shops I would go to the New Hudson Yard, also check out there instagram worthy Vessel. 

Where to Coffee 

My true love, Coffee. Hmm TBH you cant go wrong with Starbucks, sorry! I just know what I like and its consistent no matter where I go!  I love Irving Farm , but i might be a little biased , it was my first local Coffee shop. I love the vibe here, its a great place to get a good cuppa , snack, and get some work done. Be warned! they don’t have WI-FI so you might have to actually converse with other humans. 

Among my other favorites are Birch Coffee , Black Press, and Cafe Lalo. Theres a new shop in my neighbor hood that just opened up called About Coffee , and i have been spending a ton of time here. Its quickly starting to top my list. Tomorrow i plan to try the recommended Blue Star Lane, its said to have great coffee and avocado toast

Where to get Dranks 

This list will be shorter than the rest because I’m really not that much of a drinker anymore, so my knowledge is limited.  My favorite on a nice day is to sit outside at Osteria Cotta. My nest choice is IVY @ Columbus Circle.  I also enjoyed getting to go to St. Cloud @ Times Square , or if your are feeling festive get a margarita from Vida Verda. Some other options include The Heights Bar & Grill, E’s , Amity Hall, and The Milling Room 




Next Post : Where to Get Food, Where to Enjoy the OutDoors, & Activities. 



To Be Continued… 

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