On The Road Again

We always plan to get on the road pretty early on the first day of a road trip, but it seems to never actually happen. We woke up at 6AM and promptly started getting ready for the day and loading the truck. We pack most everything in storage bins so its relatively easy to place things where they need to go. What takes the most time is cleaning up the house. I one of those people who can’t come home to a dirty house, especially after a trip. We also have to make sure the gates, shed, and house are locked and secure before engaging our security system and cameras. 

 We thought it would take more time loading my car onto the tow dolly than it actually did. Loading it was actually fairly simple and hooking it up was easy. We were ready to hit the road, so we took one last look of the house and hit the road. Don has been very impressed at how easily the truck tows. He got 16.1 MPG on the way to our first destination, which would be Kansas City Missouri. The trip there was easy and we got into the city at about 4PM and headed to the Airbnb I had booked. That’s where the tom foolery started. 

 We ended up making a wrong turn into a tight parking lot that made it impossible for us to turn around. We were stuck. If you know anything about a tow dolly then you know backing up is something the dolly is not made to do. There is even a sign on the dolly that says you can’t back up. I for one, did not know this information and thought don was just being dramatic and couldn’t back up a trailer. I was wrong. I’ll say it again for Don, I WAS WRONG. Anyway, Fast forward 10 min of attempting to back the dolly up, with much frustration we gave up and unloaded the car from the dolly. We were finally free of the parking lot! As we are driving around the neighborhood outside of KC called Independence, we begin to notice that the neighborhood looks very desolate equipped with a motley crew of interesting characters. Drug addicts, homeless, dealers, prostitutes the neighborhood had it all. We pulled over at a parking lot next to a gas station to load my car back up. Being from Memphis there aren’t a ton of neighborhoods that make us just super uncomfortable but I WAS uncomfortable especially given the fact that it’s hard to be aware of your surroundings while underneath a car hooking up chains. We really should get an award for how fast we hooked up the trailer, and alas we finished unscathed. We finally found the Airbnb and decided that it just wound not be safe for us to stay there. We have to much stuff packed in the truck to safely risk having anything happen to the vehicles or our things.  

We finally found an affordable, safe hotel to sleep in outside of Kansas City by the airport. It had a parking lot big enough for us to have a pull through spot, and even had a free breakfast in the morning. I know what you are thinking, free breakfast is never good and if I were being honest, it wasn’t. I have to remember we have to save money where we can and besides, free is for me. At the very least, the pups get unique breakfast. After we got all packed up and ready to go, we took the pups for a nice long walk. Everything was looking good for the day because there was a Starbucks just a few blocks away until I fell violently in the parking lot. the bag of Chevy’s poop I was holding flew in the air as I let out a big yelp.  Ouch. I picked up the bag of poop and my pride off the concrete and limped back to the truck and headed to Starbucks. The coffee didn’t help heal my wounds, but it did heal my soul. Coffee always heals the soul.  


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