Road Less Traveled

We have officially been living full time in our travel trailer for one whole week and let me tell you, its been a bumpy ,or shall I saw windy, road so far.

 Let me just start from the beggining. 

We got a late start when we left on Wednesday. My intention was to leave around noon but in actuality we didn’t leave until about 14:00. As it usually does, the list of things that we needed to tie up before we left just kept growing and growing.  One of the decisions we struggled with was what to do with my Vespa. As most of you know I bought the Vespa in the interim while we were deciding what to do with my car and its blown transmission.  General Motors ended up reaching out to me and offered to pay 50 % of the transmission replacement. At the end of the day , after seeing new car sticker prices , we choose to get my car fixed.

We didn’t know it at the time but making that decision actually paved the way, financially , to us being able to get our 29 Foot Keystone Hideout. We decided that it wouldn’t be safe for me  to tow the Vespa, nor would be it responsible for Don to load it up in the back on the truck, so we started reaching out to our Harrison Medical family to see if we had any friends that would be interested. Amazingly our dear friend ended up buying it. We had some issues with the title so on top of everything else we needed to do I had to do to the DMV and get a title affidavit. The process was actually pretty quick, but it was just one of those things that threw everything else off. 

As I rode my Vespa one last time down the winding 3 mile road to work I couldn’t help but reminisce on how amazing Bremerton Washington has been to us. I won’t go into to much detail because I am a big baby and ill start crying, but every single person that we came in contact with in Bremerton treated us as if we were family. Our Harrison Medical ICU team, YOU will be sorely missed. 

We finished cleaning the house, got some more coffee and left toward Oregon! The drive down to Oregon went great and we ended up finding a RV park outside of Portland Oregon. We did however, have a fight with an RV Mattress. Did you know you can’t just throw it away in a dumpster at your RV park? Well , I am glad y’all knew that information, but I did not! After getting scolded at by the park manager, it was time to hit the road! 

We took our time driving down from Oregon and made good time to California. Its hard to think of California being so Rural but a lot of the drive actually was. It was weird seeing Trump signs in Northern California. Driving down the 101 through California we ,luckily, did not see any evidence of the Wildfires that are terrorizing the nearby Santa Rosa area. At one of our stops at a flying J, we noticed that our trailer had a flat tire. We are very thankful that we had gotten our tires MultiSealed because it prevented a blowout, and allowed us to get off the road safely. The tire was promptly taken care of by a mobile tire repair and we where on our way in less than an hour. There is something to be said for being able to hang out in your house while you take care of a slight inconvenience!  

Up next, our final stretch into The Bay Area 

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