Stuck between a pole and a hard place

Wow, last time I posted we had only been living in our trailer one week. 

It has now been over a month and we just love it!  

The jury is still out on California.  

Let’s rewind to last month to right after we got on the road again after getting out flat tire fixed. We made great time arriving into San Francisco it just so happened that it was near rush hour on a Friday night, so we spent a lot of time sitting in traffic on the not Golden Gate toll bridge into the city. We arrived to our RV park after 7PM and it was pitch black outside. Half moon bay is known for being rural it just wasn’t known to us how rural. We tried, for 30 minutes to get out trailer in the spot that had been allotted for us. Don was of course driving, and I was directing in the dark with a huge flashlight.  

Another force we couldn’t overcome was the cell phone service. Here is HMB we have 1 bar, at best, and that’s standing on one-foot hopping in a circle while saying some secret cell phone magic spells. Anyway, being able to communicate with one another is super important when we are trying to park our trailer. If I say stop, he needs to hear me. If I say go to the left, he needs to hear me. Don in essentially backing up a 29FT trailer blind and relies on my voice to guide him into the spot.  

We got into a special kind of predicament that only the Johnsons could get into, we were stuck next to a pole. I don’t mean physically stuck because technically we COULD still move the trailer, we just shouldn’t. Don couldn’t move the trailer forward, back, or right without some part of the trailer rubbing up against this random metal pole. I was crying with frustration by this point thinking about what a huge mistake we had made so in the dark of the night we unhooked the trailer, left it crooked in the spot, and went to bed with the slide in. Let me just put it into perspective, with the slide in, we have less that 10 inches of livable space, not including the bed. To get to the bedroom you have to jump onto the kitchen counted and slide into the narrow space my the bed. 

In the light of day, seeing how good a job we had done getting stuck was pretty amusing. The gardener ended up cutting a wood pole down that was across the pathway in front of the truck so Don would have move room to inch his truck forward, without scrapping the pole. It didn’t take us long to inch forward and get the rear of the trailer off this pole. It wasn’t hard getting into the spot in the daylight at all! After a sigh of relief, we set up our home and called it a day!  

We went ahead and filled all our tanks, froze all our food, and got showered.  

We knew that in a few short hours the power would be shut off. 

It was shut us before night fall. 

And so, began the great saga of Sage vs California Wildfires … 

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